Julie's Swim School Term Dates and Fees 
 Current term finishes on Friday 20th March

Summer Term 2015

Term Dates: Monday 13th April - Friday 10th July
Half term: Monday 25th May - Friday 29th May

                  Fees:      All half hour lessons  £90
All hour classes including adult swims  £132.00

January Term 2015

Term dates: Monday 5th January - Friday 20th March
Half term: Monday 16th - Friday 20th February

               Fees:     All half hour lessons (except Thursday Cranmore lessons) £75.00
                            All hour classes and adult classes (except Thursday Cranmore) £110.00
                            Cranmore Thursday classes (where 1 week credit due} £68.05
                            Cranmore Thursday hour and adults (where credit due) £101.00



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