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Swimming Pool

Our Lessons

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We are known for being a swimming family. You can expect a warm welcome to help your child settle in. 

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Personalised learning

We work together with parents to help all children reach their potential. Our teachers enjoy finding different and engaging ways for children to learn.

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We love teaching through play! You will see us using games and themes within our lessons to make swimming fun! 

What We Offer

  • Small classes - A maximum of 5 - 6 swimmers per group

  • Teachers in the water with learners 

  • Pool helpers in the water

  • Adult lessons - from non swimmer to stroke technique

  • Development options - Junior Lifeguard and teenage swim

  • Competitive pricing

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Learn To Swim

Monday - Friday at various locations 

As members of the STA, we follow their Learn to Swim Programme. This takes learners from non-swimmers who are starting to become confident in the water right through to safe proficient swimmers.

We also have a strong emphasis on water safety and incorporate these skills into our lessons on a regular basis, with two specially dedicated lessons each year. Our Children in Need 'pyjama party' is always a big hit!

Our teachers work in the water and have pool helpers who assist, until children reach a certain standard. Even then, sometimes you just can't beat an in the water demonstration! 

We continually assess children throughout the year and ensure that every swimmer gets an award each term to recognise their achievements. 



Cranmore Pool     Tuesday & Thursday 


For those who complete the Learn to Swim pathway, we offer the exciting next step of Junior Lifeguard Academy. 

The fun-packed programme offers something for everyone; from lifeguarding skills and first aid, to boogie boarding, ocean awareness, distance, sports skills and health and wellbeing. We know there is a big drop out rate in sport once children reach a certain age and this is a great option for keeping them engaged and participating. 

Swimmers can join from 8 years+ and must be able to swim 50m continuously. 



Ripley Monday          


We offer a relaxed environment in our adult lessons for non swimmers, those who can swim a bit, or those who need help with stroke development or training for a specific event.

For non swimmers we understand that nerves and feeling self conscious can be a huge barrier for adult learners. Our teachers offer a warm and friendly welcome and enjoy a chat as much as the learning to swim part! We will move at your pace and teach in the water until you are confident to continue on your own.

If you learnt to swim a bit as a child but haven't been in the water since, come and join us. It is never too late to learn! We often find adults make rapid progress as they are able to understand some of the science behind what they are learning. It is lovely to see when the penny drops and a new skill is mastered. 



Private lessons at Goldsworth Primary School, Woking.

During school holidays we offer private lessons in Woking. 

Goldsworth is a lovely warm pool with a shallow area perfect for little ones and nervous swimmers. We can also work on specific strokes or skills your child may need help with and provide a calm environment for those with additional needs who may find group lessons overwhelming. 

Katy, Parent

"You have been instrumental in the lives of my two children and, I would like to think, may others who you have taken in to your 'swimming family.'
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